TV Schedule for FOX (WOLF) Hazleton, PA (2024)

Sunday, June 16th TV listings for FOX (WOLF) Hazleton, PA
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Paid Programming

Paid programming.

Mint Mini Dental Implants

Watch Dr. Coolican discuss revolutionary possibilities in tooth replacement.

The Great Outdoors

Dr. Robert Jeffress: Pathway to Victory

The teaching ministry of Dr. Robert Jeffress.

Catholic Mass

Experience the inspiration of the Catholic Sunday Mass brought to you by Heart of the Nation.

Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson An Examination of Media Mistakes During the Trump and Biden Presidencies

Media mistakes during the Trump and Biden presidencies; how workers' unions are impacting the presidential election; following the money on anti-Jewish sentiment on campus.

FOX News Sunday New

Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.); Gov. Doug Burgum (R-N.D.); panel discussion with Jeff Mason, Susan Page, Kevin Roberts and Juan Williams; former Prime Mininster Scott Morrison.

H2O X5 - Super Powerful 5-In-1 Multi-Use Steam Cleaner

Kills 99% of Bacteria, Viruses, and Germs with Steam! The 5-in-1 Lightweight, Fast, Powerful, And Completely Chemical Free Steam Cleaner! Lift and remove dirt and stains all around the home!

Paid Programming

Paid programming.

Paint Like A Pro With Paint Zoom!

The Paint Zoom(tm) power sprayer does the hard work for you - painting in just minutes instead of hours.

Rotorazer is the world's greatest jigsaw, circular saw, band saw, tile saw and hacksaw all-in-one amazing easy to use tool!

Bassmaster Elite Series Wheeler Lake New Live

Action from the Wheeler Lake stop of the Bassmaster series.

Euro Today New Live

The latest news and analyses from the UEFA European Championship.

2024 UEFA European Championship

Serbia is up against England in Gelsenkirchen in Group C of EURO 2024. The only major tournament meeting was Yugoslavia's 1-0 win in Florence in the EURO 1968 semi-finals. Dragan Dzajic scored the goal and the Three Lions had Alan Mullery sent off.

United Football League Birmingham Stallions vs. San Antonio Brahmas

The Stallions and Brahmas meet in the inaugural UFL championship game. Birmingham trailed by 15 points late in the second quarter, but rallied to beat Michigan 31-18 for the USFL Conference title. San Antonio ousted St. Louis 25-15 in the XFL final.

TMZ Investigates JLo & Ben: Missed Warning Signs New

TMZ explores why Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage may have been doomed from the start.

Grimsburg McSnuff the Mystery Mutt

After being forced to take a desk role in the office, Flute decides to lead a double-life and become a dog-themed superhero named McSnuff.

FOX 56 News First at Ten New Live

Local, national and international news coverage.

The National Desk New Live

Local and national perspectives on the latest news.

Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson An Examination of Media Mistakes During the Trump and Biden Presidencies

Media mistakes during the Trump and Biden presidencies; how workers' unions are impacting the presidential election; following the money on anti-Jewish sentiment on campus.

American Housewife Bigger Kids, Bigger Problems

When Anna-Kat's school lunch lady refuses to make simple eco-friendly changes in the school cafeteria, Greg puts on a show highlighting the importance of recycling with his friend and fellow environmentalist Bill Doty.

American Housewife Lasagna

When Greg hosts a meeting for the Westport Historical Guild to welcome back Stan, Katie's homemade lasagna is a huge hit with the guys; Angela and Doris step in to help Oliver with his Teen Help Line interview.

Modern Family Career Day

Phil is excited to discuss his job with Luke, Manny and their classmates on career day, but things get ugly when Phil's nemesis shows up; Cam and Mitch make a mistake while executing tooth fairy duties.

Modern Family My Hero

Mitch's ex-boyfriend, a personable and successful doctor, invites the whole family to a fundraising event at a roller rink; Phil teaches Gloria how to skate; Haley helps Alex talk to boys.

Modern Family Goodnight, Gracie

After Phil's mother dies, everyone flies down to Florida; Gloria is faced with an outstanding arrest warrant; Jay runs into someone from his past.

Family Guy No Country Club for Old Men

The Griffins are invited to join a fancy country club, and must adjust to a new lifestyle.

Family Guy 3 Acts of God

Peter and the guys go on a quest to ask God to stop interfering with the outcome of football games.

Bob's Burgers There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business

When Gayle's cat, Mr. Business, secures a pet agent, Bob finds out that Linda may have been helping to fund the cat's career.

Bob's Burgers The Quirkducers

Gene and Louise try to ruin their day-before-Thanksgiving play to save their long weekend; Linda finds a potato that resembles her late grandfather.

Supreme Justice With Judge Karen Cinderella in Miami & Botched Proposal

A lent designer shoe is left behind on a girls trip; a man blames a restaurant owner for giving the wrong couple an engagement ring.

Justice for All With Judge Cristina Pérez Holi Damage & Snow Zorbing

An event planner is blamed after outdoor furniture is ruined during a Holi party at a client's home; reckless behavior causes a sledding injury.

TV Schedule for FOX (WOLF) Hazleton, PA (2024)


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